Friday, December 17, 2010

A Christmas Party

We all decided it would be fun to have a little Christmas get-together before we headed different ways for the holidays! So we called on the Ashleys and the Bobos to join in our little Christmas celebration. As always, there was good food involved, babies everywhere and lots of laughter...and even some Kenny and Dolly Christmas music in the background.

Aren't the Ashleys cute in there matching Christmas sweaters...even Sam has one!
I must get one for our Christmas festivities next year!

what a cutie

And yes, he loves his mama but who could blame him?

Owen is proudly showing Caroline his foot here

Owen gnawing on Bobo's hand 

while we finished getting dinner together, Sam enjoyed his

Appetizers: Baked Brie with apricot preserves and pecans

The Bobos' stuffed mushrooms:
delicious! I will be stealing this recipe and intend to make it while we are home for Christmas

the spread: mashed potato bar and broiled shrimp wrapped with prosciutto 

we even got to enjoy eating on the Christmas China...this makes me happy : )

Dessert was Steven's pecan pie and Brittany's pear cake

...and to the good part: Dirty Santa!

The rule was you could not buy anything as your gift. You had to bring something from home, preferably that you did not want anymore....and it was a wonderful rule that made for a fun game.

Here's how it started:

I went first: a clear Christmas platter, a candle, a fake Gucci purse and this precious gem:

This little African American pregnant woman is made from pecan hulls and Brittany's grandmother used to paint them! I must find the perfect spot to display my new treasure!

Caroline modeling her beautiful new UAB clinic hat...David's gift

and that was not good enough so he had to include an envelope

David likes to make Dirty Santa be true to its name

David's gift...a pink gorilla

And then it was Caroline's turn again...someone stole her gift (lucky girl)

extension cords

A copy of a book Ty helped write! (There she is with the author)

It is even autographed to his biggest fan!

But wait! That is not all...
safety glasses and old work shirts! Isn't Caroline a lucky girl

I think she did wind up going home with a cookbook and some herbal tea...she is such a good sport!

Isn't dirty Santa much more fun when you bring gifts from home!

And of few more pics from the night, had get our little is their first Christmas after all

playing with tissue paper = great fun

Cooper finally got to be exactly where he wanted...right in the middle of things

It was a fun night, thanks for coming friends!

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  1. What a fun night it was! All of the pictures are great! You perfectly captured all of the fun! I expect to see the Johnsons all wearing Christmas sweaters next year too!