Monday, October 24, 2016


Collin loves to dress up, especially as a superhero. We went to Target this week and I couldn't resist getting him a batman costume. He loved it and didn't want to take it off. So batman napped on my couch this day. 

Pretty sunset at Sunset Pointe.

All 3 boys enjoying munching on a green apple. 

The Friday before my birthday I had a check up on Baby Boy and it is always a relief and a gift to see him measuring perfectly and moving around. David and the boys began to feel him kick for the first time this weekend as well. 

We took our whole crew out to dinner to celebrate my birthday Saturday night. 

They are their daddy are my biggest gifts! 


Wednesday, October 5, 2016


We started to find our new rhythm in September with school and schedules and naps. 

We found out we would be adding another BOY to our family!

We took the boys to Pensacola to the National Naval Aviation Museum. 

We celebrated Meme's birthday.

And David took the two oldest for a boy trip to the camp in Jackson.

Monday, October 3, 2016


August was a busy month. We went from easy laid back days, to finding our new routine. Owen started kindergarten at Fairhope Elementary. Mrs. Street is his teacher.  

We told the boys they would be getting a new baby!

Collin returned to Country Day school and has Mrs. Fuqua this year. 

Owen kicked off kindergarten with some friends.

Sending Owen off on his first day of big school. 

Celebrating Owen's 6th Birthday!

David and I attended the Grand Summer Ball.

Fun dressing up with friends. Last dance we all attended was a Farmhouse formal.

End of summer

Looking back on summer, it was a bit of a crazy season. Father's Day weekend we found out we were expecting baby #4. I knew I was tired and feeling a little off but it was definitely an unexpected gift! All the boys were home with me every day this summer. Reid was very much still a baby and Owen and Collin could be the biggest buddies and also push each other's buttons like only a sibling can. Lots of lego playing, light sabers and guns, fort building, popsicle eating, and movie watching this summer. But as always I treasure these days with my boys at home with other way I would want it.

Our friends the Cumbies came to visit us. Now we are both expecting our 4th! Caroline was such a gift to me in Waco. Value her friendship so much.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Owen's 6th Birthday Party

We had Owen's 6th birthday party at Alligator Alley in Summerdale, Al.

It was a fun place to have a party. Everyone enjoyed the alligator feeding to kick the party off. 

The kids even got an opportunity to hold a baby alligator. 

We had pizza and grapes and watermelon.

Then it was cake time! Ms. Vicki made another outstanding cake this year!

Owen loved all the gifts from his friends and family. 

And Maggie made delicious cookies for friends to take home as favors.

Owen had a great time and I think our friends and family enjoyed their time at Alligator Alley as well!

So glad the Determanns, the Turners, William, Jackson, Gray, Nana and Papa, Granddaddy, Uncle Ben, Caroline, and Aunt Julie and Andy and Sarah, Anna, Jake and Kate could all come!!